Panasonic TH-50PX500U 50-Inch Flat Panel HD-Ready Plasma TV review

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Get ready for TV as you've never seen it before! While many widescreen TV models may claim to be HDTV capable, this Panasonic is among the few that actually has an ATSC tuner that can receive those signals (an optional HDTV antenna is required). It also has a CableCard slot for adding new digital card available from most Cable-TV carriers. The CableCard replaces the bulky cable converter box (please contact your cable company to find out if they offer this service in your area). It also has a SecureDigital SD memory slot to present pictures and movies stored from a digital-camera or camcorder. With 3,000:1 contrast-ratio, you'll enjoy an outstanding picture with resolutions up to 1024×768 and over 8 billion colors. It can also be used as a PC monitor. This 50" widescreen offers 8th generation plasma technology for extended reliability and viewing pleasure. Integrate this TV into home-theater by adding a Panasonic (or other brand) home-theater sound system to enjoy encompassing surround sound. Director Lighted Disc Home Theater Remote Up to 1366 x 768 pixel display for WXGA and High-Definition image resolution Up to 3000 – 1 Contrast Ratio 3D Color Management – Displays up to 8.5 billion colors and up to 2048 gradations Progressive Cinema Scan (3/2 Pulldown) Real Black Drive System with deep black filter for excellent clarity and brightness Sub-Pixel Control for higher detail Motion Pattern Noise Reduction Photo Viewer SD / PC Card Slots Up to 1080i / 720p Compatible Integrated TV Guide ATSC / CableCARD Tuner Multi Window PIP viewing Aspect Adjustments (Normal, Just, Zoom and Full) 60,000 Hour Lifetime Unit Dimensions – 52.24 W x 33.19 H x 5.43 D / Weight – 114.6 lbs. Includes table stand Optional wall stand available – complies with VESA standards Panasonic 1-Year Limited Warranty