LG Electronics OLED65B6P Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model) review

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Quit Watching. Begin Seeing. With best black and also intense color enhanced by both standard as well as Dolby Vision HDR, LG OLED brings you a globe of elegance without compromise.

The independently enlightening OLED pixels can lighten up, dark as well as power off fully to achieve perfect black. That suggests comparison – the ratio between the lightest and darkest areas of the screen– is genuinely infinite. Perfect black is essential to a much more realistic photo as well as the excellent darkness information you could only get with OLED.

LG OLED TVs present a color palette that practically matches the large series of tones seen in today's high-end digital cinemas. With over a billion rich shades at its disposal, LG OLED TV delivers a theater-quality experience at home.

OLED HDR delivers a sensational high dynamic array photo, including support for Dolby Vision content. Enjoy great brights and also the inmost darks for unlimited comparison, rich shade as well as an outstanding watching experience, closer to just what filmmakers intended. With their excellent black and also cinematic shade, LG OLED TVs have actually likewise gained respected Ultra HD Premium qualification.

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