Hitachi P42H401 42-Inch HD1080 Plasma HDTV review

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» Product Description The Hitachi P42H401 is a 42-inch plasma HDTV that brings extraordinary value with a unique HD1080 resolution standard.

Outstanding Picture Quality
With a unique 1280 x 1080 resolution, the P42H401 has over 1,000 lines of vertical resolution, allowing it to have a line-for-line match of incoming 1080i TV signals. While it is not the full 1080p resolution, it has a better resolution than 720p panels at a similar price. Picture quality is further enhanced, thanks to ClearWindow technology that reduces the visibility of a grid structure and maximizes brightness and clarity.

The P42H401 has 1080 lines of vertical resolution for a line-for-line match with 1080i TV signals. View larger. View back panel.

Timed swtiching allows picture settings to automatically adjust for changing ambient light conditions. With the PictureMaster HD IV processor, all video inputs are scaled to match the native resolution of the unit to ensure a detailed picture no matter the source. For a better picture, the processor also performs noise reduction and other picture enhancements, such as dynamic contrast and histogram processing, automatic 3:2 film enhancement, and the capability for 16-bit color. Users can select between four HD and six SD aspect modes, and three preset color temperatures.

Well Connected
The P42H401 has three HDMI SimplayHD inputs (two rear, one front), the highest quality connection available that has both high definition video and audio in one cable. It also has two component video inputs, one S-Video input, four A/V inputs, and one RF/Antenna input. Outputs include one AV monitor output (fixed audio), one S-Video monitor output, and one optical digital audio output. You can connect the optical digital audio output with your home theater system to obtain surround sound when the built-in 20-watt speaker system isn't quite enough. The TV speaker can then be used as a center speaker.

There are built-in ATSC/NTSC tuners, both of which are combined into one tuning memory for seamless selection of channels, regardless of format. The unit is also QAM-digital-cable compatible.

Day and Night Differences
The P42H401 allows for three custom settings that match the picture settings with accompanying ambient light conditions so that you get the optimal picture and contrast settings no matter the hour. Additionally, the anti-reflective screen ensures a quality picture by reducing glare and deepening blacks for more contrast and detail. The television also features multiple screen saver and power saving modes for efficiency when not in use.

The P42H401 is backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

HD1080 Higher overall panel resolution than 720p televisions. 1080 lines of resolution, a line for line vertical match for incoming 1080i TV signal. 1280 x 1080 total panel resolution (1.3 Mega Pixel).

PictureMaster HD IV Proprietary digital video processor optimizes picture performance of all incoming source material.

3 HDMI SimplayHD 1080p Compatible Inputs Multiple high-end digital interfaces for optimal connectivity of home theater components.

ClearWindow Plasma Technology Smoother image reproduction with higher brightness output and less visible grid structure.

Day/Dynamic/Night Memory by Input with Timer Three customized settings for each input that match the picture settings to the ambient light conditions of the viewing environment.
What's in the Box
P42H401 plasma HDTV, remote control, two AA batteries, 6-foot AC power cord cable, and table top stand.